Preparing for your session is so important! Planning everything out helps makes your images amazing!


A park, a farm, a field, wherever! The location of your session is up to you! Room to run is always great if you have little ones, a place with less distractions is great, so playgrounds are best to avoid if we want to keep their attention! Have a location that is special to you? Great! If you need ideas, I have plenty! I am also lucky to live in a beautiful valley with fields and woodland!


Gone are the days of everyone in a white t-shirt and jeans! Oh the 90s.
Weather is always a factor when planning outdoor sessions! Dressing in layers is not only a great way to create different looks throughout your gallery but it will also help keep your images looking cohesive.
All white is best kept for engagement sessions or a bride's wedding day. Also, neon colors do not photograph well and often will cast color onto your faces.

It is best to choose only one or two patterns that coordinate (like a plaid, a floral and solids that coordinate with colors in either pattern for everyone else). Pinterest is full of some great combinations if you need inspiration!

Remember to accessorize! Scarves, hats and jackets also make great props! Dress head to toe, yes, even your shoes matter!
Most importantly, be comfortable! Choose clothing you feel confident in and won't look back and think about how much those shoes hurt your feet! We want you to look back and remember the moment, not the misery!


If you have anything you plan to bring along, please let me know! I love to be prepared in every way possible! 
If I am able, I will sometimes bring a bench, stool, chair or blanket to use during your session. You are welcome to bring any of these items as well! Especially if they have meaning to you!



Be sure to be on time! Sometimes we will set your session at the best time of day, golden hour! That means that our time, while well planned, is still limited. Sometimes I will have another session immediately following yours and I will not be late for them!

Be sure to eat. Snack. Something! Being hangry during a session is no fun for anyone...especially little ones...and Dads! Bring water if its a hot day.
If needed, bribes ARE allowed! Although we use them as a last resort and certainly want "clean" treats like marshmallows or fruit snacks. Depending on the age, the promise of a treat after the session is finished is enough to motivate them as well!

We will be having fun! Running, jumping, laughing...all allowed! Smiling, joking and singing is as well! We want to keep it fun and light and show all the love! No need to ask little ones to look at me or tell them to smile...



If you have any questions about your session, your location or what to wear, just let me know!