Among the million other things you have to decide when planning a wedding, how many hours of photographic coverage you want is one of those tough ones!
Below is some information on what type of coverage you will receive when choosing your package. Hopefully this will help you make your decision!


Perfect for small weddings and elopements, this package provides coverage perfect for when there are less people to photograph, so its a much faster process. This package works best when the ceremony and reception are at the same location.
Important things to think about: 

-6 hours of coverage will mean very little, if any, detail shots or images of you getting ready

-all important events will still be covered (ceremony, portraits, family photos, first dance, cake cutting)

-Coverage ends early therefore there will be very few photos of the reception



The most common amount of coverage needed is 8 hours. Perfect for the "average size" wedding of up to 200 people, coverage will include images of you getting ready all the way through to the beginning of the dance party. 

Important things to think about:

-If planning a First Look, keep in mind that more time before ceremony to prepare and do portraits is needed.

-To capture details and photos of you getting ready, photographic coverage at least an hour before ceremony is recommended.

-Keep drive time between locations at a minimum if possible to take advantage of every photographic opportunity! Having the ceremony and reception at the same location means less need for us to pack up and haul gear. If you have a special place in mind that you would like to have your portraits done, account for drive time, and then add 15 minutes!


If your day involves a large amount of drive time, you have special events or moments planned or simply prefer to not feel rushed, 10 hours of coverage might be for you.

Important things to think about:

-If your ceremony and reception are taking place at different locations, I highly recommend at least 10 hours of coverage.

-Always consider drive time when planning out your day, and then add time to account for anyone being late, things being forgotten or weather interfering.

-If planning a Grand Exit, even with 10 hours of coverage, this may need to be planned out earlier in the evening to be able to capture it during your coverage time, unless you are willing to give up coverage earlier in the day. 

Additional Wedding Day Coverage

Are these options just not enough? Or do they fall short by just an hour of what you would like covered? Additional hours of coverage are $250/hour and can be added at any time.