Being prepared is important!

I'm all about making your day go as smooth as possible! You are there to celebrate one of the biggest moments in your lives and the last thing you want is to feel like you are forgetting something! I've created a short check list that is just for bridal prep time! No worries, we will go over your entire day in detail, but its important to start your big day off right! I will have you prepare these items in one location so when I arrive, I can get right to work!

Hanging out with the girls

Call me crazy, but I think every moment of your day should be enjoyable and not feel rushed! It goes by so quickly anyway! Having the time to ease into such a big day is very important! It gives me plenty of time to photograph your details beautifully and still be able to capture you and your girls helping each other get ready. This also gives everyone a chance to get comfortable with me being in the room. Getting to hang out with the girls, get to know them and laugh with them is one of my favorite parts of the day, actually! While I'm working on your details, I'm also capturing you share memories with your girls or exchanging gifts, all the sweet moments!

Its the little things

I always recommend to brides that they leave plenty of time for prep. An hour and a half is ideal! This gives me time to photograph all the important items, especially specific things that will be needed once the bride starts to get dressed. Photographing these details are vital to telling your story and are not something you will regret having in your wedding album. 

I've created a check list of items that are typically photographed during this time of day. 



Dress hanger


Your Wedding Ring

Your Engagement Ring

Grooms Ring


Special Items


Shoes, Veil & Dress

First things first...the most important item...the dress!

The dress you dreamed of, the dress you will marry the man of your dreams in, the dress that your mom cried when she saw you put it on...yeah, its important to photograph! Now, I don't need to tell you to bring your dress, that's not what I'm adding to the check list! Instead I ask that you bring a hanger. Some have specialty hangers made with Mrs or Bride on it but a simple wooden hanger would do just as well. Your gown deserves to be hung on something other than the plastic hanger it came with! Having a pretty hanger with a pretty dress makes such a difference in your photographs! I will always photograph your shoes as well! They are one of the last items you will put on, actually! We will have your bridesmaids help you and this gives a great chance for some beautiful moments to capture.


Next up, RINGS! Have all three of them with YOU!

Your engagement ring and both wedding bands! I love to photograph the rings with other details and having all these items in one location is the perfect chance! After all the bridal prep images are complete, the rings can go back to who needs to them for the ceremony. 

Going along the theme, your jewelry. Anything you will be adorning yourself with is important to document. Brides often have items that have been handed down over the years through generations and these items hold great meaning. Photographing these items is an honor!


Bringing it back to photographing items together, often times the bouquet helps pull all your details together with its color scheme. I often will use it to showcase the rings, jewelry or as the background to other items like your shoes! Plus, it gets its very own photoshoot!

Special Items

If there is anything that is special to you and will be incorporated, please let me know! The sentimental items you've tucked into your bouquet or sewn onto the back of a tie, wrote on the bottom of your shoe or that you will carry near your heart, all should be photographed. Adding these images to your completed wedding album truly tell your love story. 

Preparation is so important! I am here to help! Ready to chat about details? Contact me today!

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